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Sales were invented at the end of the 19th century to to sell off unsold stock from the from the previous season. They are therefore promotions applied to the the original price of the clothes from the previous season. These periods are a great pleasure for our customers because they can find nuggets at at very low prices ! You often ask yourself questions about questions about the salesWe'll answer them right away!

What is the date of the 2021 summer sales?

The dates are always fixed and are the same for everyone. This year the the summer sales start on 23 June 2021 and end on 20 July 2021. Exceptionally, the dates have been shifted this year for health reasons.

How long do sales last in France?

The summer sales in France last 4 full weeks and always start on a Wednesday. The sales start on the last Wednesday of June at 8am. This date can be brought forward to the penultimate Wednesday of June when the last Wednesday falls after the 28th of the month. Are you still following?

What is the difference between sales and private sales?

Throughout the year, you will see numerous promotional actions (flash sales, clearance sales, private sales, etc.) leading to a reduction in prices. reduction in prices. But the summer sales in France (or winter sales) are the only periods during which a trader is allowed to sell at a loss. In concrete terms, the period of " private sales "takes place the week just before the start of the sales.

Which products can be sold?

A trader has the right to to sell off only part of his productsthe new collections are not subject to discounts. Of course, it is forbidden to buy products during the sales period to replenish stocks. This is why you may sometimes see the mention " out of stock ».

What are the pitfalls to avoid during the sales?

It is rare, but sometimes we come across dishonest shopkeepers who use certain tricks to make their customers believe that they are getting good deals. For example, inflating the initial price to suggest that the discount applied reduction is extraordinary, when in fact it is less than the one shown. Some may also sell on promotion lower quality products specially made for the sales.

As you know, at Loëla, our watchword is customer satisfaction of our customers. It is therefore totally unthinkable for us to resort to such methods. In fact, we simply cannot play this game, as all our collections collections are short-lived and made by designers.

If you come to enjoy the summer sales in Paustop by our shop and take advantage of nice discounts on women's clothing !